Wine Seminar – Yeast & Bacteria Trends in the Wine Industry

Session 1: The Utilization of non-Saccharomyces vs. Saccharomyces Yeast
Presented by Dr. Hentie Swiegers from Chr. Hansen’s Wine Innovation Department. The latest applications of non-Saccharomyces and Saccharomyces yeast producing unique and stylistic wines that are redefining winemaking.
Presentation Notes: The Utilization of non-Saccharomyces vs. Saccharomyces Yeast

Session 2: Essential Knowledge to Manage Malolactic Fermentation
Presented by Dr. Peter Sommer from Gusmer Enterprises Inc. R&D department. The fundamentals of managing the malolactic fermentation process. Is every commercial product of malolactic bacteria of same quality and cell numbers? What is the required amount of bacteria cells to add to initiate the malolactic fermentation?
Presentation Notes: Essential Knowledge to Manage Malolactic Fermentation

Session 3: Cultures for Bio-Protection, the Future of Winemaking
Presented by Anne-Claire, Global Marketing Manager of Wine and Fermented Beverages  at Chr. Hansen. Learn how wineries are utilizing beneficial yeast and bacteria proactively for the control of spoilage organisms, such as Brettanomyces, and the reduction of sulfur dioxide. Biological control is both responsible, eco-friendly, and will change the way wines are produced in the future.
Presentation Notes: Cultures for Bio-Protection, the Future of Winemaking