Mastering Malolactic Fermentation Webinar

Presentation Topics include: The main stress factors for Oenococcus oeni in wine MLF Inoculation Protocols: Direct Inoculation, Co-inoculation, and Spontaneous […]

Smoke Taint Compounds and MLF Webinar

Rest assured your malolactic fermentation is safe with Chr. Hansen Viniflora® bacteria! Chr. Hansen enologists in Australia set out to […]

Technical Wine Seminars

Gusmer offers a full range of products and have created a wide variety seminars to help support these products. Now, […]

Bucher Vaslin Cross Flow Webinar

The Benefits of Using Cross Flow Filtration Technology in Winemaking General Overview of Cross Flow Filtration – What is cross […]

Chr. Hansen Yeast & ML Bacteria Webinar

Session 1: Manage your Fermentations with Chr. Hansen’s range of Viniflora® non-Saccharomyces yeast Selecting the proper Viniflora® yeast strain for your wine Using pre-fermentative […]

Gusmer Wine Seminar Postponed in Texas

Unfortunately due to the Coronavirus, we will be postponing the Managing Wine Fermentation Seminar in Fredericksburg, TX for now. As […]

Wine Seminar: Analytical Methods for Wineries and FTIR Instruments

Presentation Topics: Session 1: Benefits of In-House Wine Analysis vs. Outsourced Lab Analysis (0:00 – 19:40) Session 2: The Use of […]

Polyphenolics Tannin Seminar

Part 1: Let’s Talk Tannins! (35 mins) Part 2: Tannin Perception and Management (18 mins) Part 3: Tannin Managment In The Winery (10 […]

New Gusmer Products for harvest 2019!

Gusmer is excited to release three new products to the wine industry. Renaissance Yeast: TR-313 is specifically bred to enhance […]

2020 Trade Show Calendar

Welcome to Gusmer’s 2020 Trade Show Schedule American Craft Spirtis Show Postponed Craft Brewers Conference Canceled American Distilling Institute 7/15/20 World Brewing Congress 8/1/2020 WiVi 2020 […]