Webinar: Mastering Malolactic Fermentation

Presentation Topics include: Differences between various O. Oenococcus oeni strains Process of testing antibiotic resistance and biogenic amine production of […]

Webinar: Preparing for Pre- & Primary Fermentation – Pondering the Possibilities of Your Microbiological Toolbox

Presentation Topics include: Selecting the proper Viniflora® yeast strain for your wine Lowering your SO2 usage with non-Saccharomyces yeast Using […]

Webinar: Process Monitoring Tools for Winery Sanitation Programs

Presentation Topics Include: Why Monitor for Microbes? Winery Process Sanitation Hot Spots Sanitary Sampling Biomonitoring Tools Presentation Notes: Process Monitoring […]

Webinar: Mastering Malolactic Fermentation

Presentation Topics include: The main stress factors for Oenococcus oeni in wine MLF Inoculation Protocols: Direct Inoculation, Co-inoculation, and Spontaneous […]

Webinar: Smoke Taint Compounds and MLF

Rest assured your malolactic fermentation is safe with Chr. Hansen Viniflora® bacteria! Chr. Hansen enologists in Australia set out to […]

Technical Wine Seminars

Gusmer offers a full range of products and have created a wide variety seminars to help support these products. Now, […]

Webinar: Bucher Vaslin Cross Flow

The Benefits of Using Cross Flow Filtration Technology in Winemaking General Overview of Cross Flow Filtration – What is cross […]

Webinar: Chr. Hansen Yeast & ML Bacteria

Session 1: Manage your Fermentations with Chr. Hansen’s range of Viniflora® non-Saccharomyces yeast Selecting the proper Viniflora® yeast strain for your wine Using pre-fermentative […]

Polyphenolics Tannin Seminar

Part 1: Let’s Talk Tannins! (35 mins) Part 2: Tannin Perception and Management (18 mins) Part 3: Tannin Managment In The Winery (10 […]

Wine Seminar – Wine Filtration

Session 1: Membrane Filtration Optimize your final filtration process prior to bottling. Final filtration is the ultimate guarantee of a […]

Wine Seminar – Yeast & Bacteria Trends in the Wine Industry

Session 1: The Utilization of non-Saccharomyces vs. Saccharomyces Yeast Presented by Dr. Hentie Swiegers from Chr. Hansen’s Wine Innovation Department. […]

Gusmer receives Wente Family Estates award

Gusmer Enterprises Inc is honored to have received the Wente Family Estates “Best of Breed” Winemaking supplier award for 2016. […]

Wine Video Seminar: Microbial Control and Assurance at Bottling

Three sessions include: Microbial Monitoring and Testing, Final Bottling Filtration, and Wine…