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Chr. Hansen

Chr. Hansen  led the charge in the development of non-Saccharomyces yeast strains with the creation of their screening and selection programs of non-Saccharomyces yeast over a decade ago. Since then, three pure culture strains, and three mixed culture preparations have become widely utilized in winemaking. Known for distinct and complex flavors and aromas, and increased mouthfeel, the Chr. Hansen non-Saccharomyces yeast are an excellent means to accentuate quality and produce unique wines. Chr. Hansen’s non-Saccharomyces yeast is a great tool for progressive winemakers in the creation of outstanding wines.

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Renaissance Yeast

Renaissance Yeast uses the science of selective breeding to create wine yeast strains with superior sensory attributes and technical performance. Their process allows them to isolate and select yeast strains with excellent fermentation kinetics and to produce the flavors and aromas that make a wine exceptional.

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yeast nutrients

Yeast Nutrients

Yeast Nutrients – Gusmer’s MicroEssentials™ fermentation nutrients include a complete range of supplements for yeast rehydration, primary fermentation and malolactic fermentation. MicroEssentials nutrient formulations incorporate findings from the latest research and are based on premium ingredients. Our complex supplements contain highly refined polypeptides and amino acids, and a full spectrum of essential vitamins, minerals and yeast survival factors for a rich source of compounds that are highly assimilable by yeast and bacteria. These nutrients comply fully with the TTB regulations and are produced locally in our own facility, under GMP conditions. Used to support cell growth, general metabolism, protein synthesis and alcohol tolerance, fermentation nutrients contribute greatly to healthy fermentations and help guard against the formation of hydrogen sulfide and other unwanted metabolites. Gusmer’s MicroEssentials nutrients are designed to fit any wine production protocol.

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wine Enological Enzymes

Enological Enzymes for Winemaking

Enological enzymes have proven their worth in wineries by helping produce wine with enhanced varietal aroma, flavor, mouthfeel, and color. Many of the desirable phenolics such as color pigments, tannins, along with flavor and aroma compounds are contained in the epidermic and hypodermic cell layers of the grape skin. Selective release of these compounds with maceration and extraction enzymes serves to increase varietal intensity without introducing undesirable components. Maceration enzymes will slightly perforate the cell wall to allow for the gentle release of juice, tannins, and anthocyanins early in the maceration period from grapes. Extraction enzymes shorten maceration time while higher quality free-run juice volumes are increased significantly with less mechanical force. For red grapes in particular, macerating enzymes help break down cell walls for a more gentle phenolic extraction, resulting in improved color stability, aroma and rounder mouthfeel. Clarification and filtration enzymes are used to boost clarification speed and yield. They improve settling or flotation while reducing the volume of gross lees. Correct and rapid depectinization is essential to achieving low viscosity and the formation of floc necessary for successful flotation. Filtration enzymes are used to degrade remaining soluble pectin and polysaccharide colloids to save wine, material and time during filtration. Aroma liberating enzymes release bound terpenes in white wines, allowing for the natural fruit and floral characteristics in the wine to be revealed. They also aid in post fermentation clarification.

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malolactic bacteria box

Malolactic Bacteria

Malolactic Bacteria you can count on! One of Chr. Hansen’s core competencies is microbial physiology. By investigating how bacterial cultures interact with their environment, valuable insight is gained into strain functionality and performance. As the world leader in bacterial cultures for the food industries, Chr. Hansen has committed R&D and advanced production resources to providing the best malolactic bacterial cultures to the wine industry. That is evident by the fact that Chr. Hansen Viniflora® cultures are the most widely used malolactic cultures. Reliable and predictable, Viniflora bacteria cultures are trusted by more winemakers worldwide to get their wines through malolactic fermentation on time and with desirable organoleptic outcomes.

Not all strains of Oenococcus oeni are the same, nor are all malolactic bacterial preparations. Some strains are more tolerant to environmental parameters such as pH, temperature, sulfur dioxide and alcohol. That tolerance depends partly on the natural capabilities of the strain, but more importantly on a production process that properly adapts the cell to enter the harsh environment of wine. It takes properly conditioned cells to survive the freeze drying process, and the ultimate inoculation into wine, to assure a high degree of cell viability. Chr. Hansen preparations are not only tested for viability, but each batch of bacteria is also tested for the cell’s ability to convert malic acid to lactic acid. Only Chr. Hansen uses this “MACC” test (Malic Acid Conversion Capacity) as a quality control parameter for each batch produced.


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wine graps

Malolactic Bacteria Nutrients

Malolactic Bacteria Nutrients – MicroEssentials Oenos was developed specifically for malolactic bacteria. It contains a diverse blend of organic protein sources and yeast derived vitamins and minerals. It is strongly recommended for most wines that have been historically difficult to put through malolactic fermentation, or that present challenging conditions (i.e. high SO2, high alcohol and low pH).

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