StellarTan™ enological tannins from Polyphenolics are a complete line of grape tannins (condensed tannins) produced from California wine grape varietals that give winemakers the ability to fully optimize the tannin concentration and structure of wine. Located in one of California’s major grape growing regions, Polyphenolics is a leader in development of enological tannins. Fully developed grapes are carefully selected and put through a revolutionary extraction process that’s gentle and preserves the true nature of wine tannins (low temperature / no organic solvents). These tannins solubilize instantly and completely in wine. StellarTan™ enological tannins are available as both finishing and fermentation tannins, each chosen for their total phenolic concentration and varying degrees of polymerization, to give a full complement of options when optimizing tannins in wine.

Finishing Tannins for Red & Rosé Wines

  • StellarTan GA – Achieve a smoother, more integrated body while bringing fruity notes forward.

Finishing Tannins for Red, Rosé & White Wines

  • StellarTan HP – Improve structure, increase body and aromatic complexity while stabilizing color.
  • StellarTan G – Add volume and soften structure while optimizing fruity notes and improving mouthfeel.

Fermentation Tannin for Red, Rosé & White Wines

  • StellarTan F – Stabilizes color in red wines, reduce vegetal characteristics and inhibit oxidative enzymes.

Pack Size: 1 kg, 20 kg

Typical Dose Rates

StellarTan Finishing tannins are used at a rate of up to 150 ppm (568 grams/1,000 gallons) as optimized by sensory evaluation.
StellarTan Fermentation tannins are used at a rate of 30-100 grams/ton of fruit (165-555 grams/1,000 gallons).

StellarTan Seminar Videos
Part 1: Let’s Talk Tannins! (35 mins)
Part 2: Tannin Perception and Management (18 mins)
Part 3: Tannin Managment In The Winery (10 mins)
Part 4: Why Add Tannins? (13 mins)
Presentation Notes: Polyphenolics StellarTan Presentation

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