Bella is a general white strain with an elegant and aromatic profile featuring tropical fruit and citrus characteristics. Bella exhibits beta-glucosidase and beta-lyase enzyme activities and will release moderate levels of terpenes and volatile thiols. This versatile strain performs well in a wide range of temperatures. An interesting feature of this strain is the low VA production during stressful fermentation conditions (including high copper residues in the must).

Renaissance Yeast’s strains have excellent fermentation kinetics, desirable sensory characteristics, and are produced to the highest quality standards. Renaissance Yeast is the exclusive developer of a novel, patented H2S-preventing technology that is the result of a natural trait in yeast that increases sulfur and nitrogen utilization efficiency during fermentation, thereby preventing hydrogen sulfide formation.

Key Features 

  • Recommended for White Wine
  • Fermentation temperature limits 57.2 to 86F
  • Alcohol tolerance 16% v/v
  • High nitrogen requirements
  • Yeast does not produce hydrogen sulfide
  • Moderate fermentation tempo
  • Low production of SO2
  • Classically bred, Non-GMO
  • For use in wine

Pack Size: 500 g


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