Arôbois Oak Blocks 47

Arôbois Oak Blocks 47

Arobois Oak Blocks 47 – Introducing the new line of oak products from Arôbois!

Arôbois has developed a range of oak blocks, “Blocks 47” produced from the highest quality French oak; the wood is of cooperage grade, with natural seasoning and maturation carried out in the open air for a period exceeding four years. Available in Balance and Intense.

Key Features

  • Intense:  sweetness, mouth-feel, roundness with marked notes of almonds, licorice and cocoa
  • Balance (Equilibre): mellow and silky tannins, with caramel tones and subtle hints of gingerbread and licorice

Size: 18 kg Infusion Bag (Delivered in three – 6 kg infusion bags)

Typical Dose Rates:  The recommended dosage is the same as Arôbois oak chips should be adapted to the wine, the grape variety and the desired effects.

  • White wines: 5 – 20 lbs per 1,000/gal
  • Red wines: 10- 45 lbs per 1,000/gal

Blocks 47 Contact and Harmonization Time: 2 to 3 months contact time is normally sufficient to allow an optimal extraction of the blocks. To ensure a harmonious integration of the wood, we recommend a harmonization period, after the extraction of the blocks, a similar period: 2 to 3 months.