Viniflora CiNe

Viniflora® CiNe

Viniflora CiNe is a freeze-dried, direct inoculation starter culture of Oenococcus oeni. CiNe is a unique strain that does not metabolize citric acid therefore it does not produce diacetyl.  In turn it does not produce the typical buttery/creamy flavor traditionally linked to malolactic cultures. CiNe intensifies the fruit in white, rose and red wines.

As the world leader in bacterial cultures for food industries, Chr. Hansen has committed Research & Development and advanced production resources to providing the best malolactic bacterial cultures to the wine industry. Chr. Hansen preparations are not only tested for viability, but each batch is also tested for the cell’s ability to covert malic acid to lactic acid. Chr. Hansen is the only company that utilizes the MACC test (‘Malic Acid Conversion Capacity Test’) as a quality control parameter for each batch produced.

Pouch Size to Treat:  660 gal

Key Features

  • Recommended for white, red and rose wines
  • Direct inoculation, freeze-dried bacteria – does not require rehydration
  • High numbers of active cells which ensure a quick start of fermentation
  • This strain is pH tolerant to 3.2, Total SO2 to 30 ppm, temperature 62 – 77° F and alcohol to 14% (v/v)
  • Low level of volatile acidity
  • Cinnamoyl Esterase Positive
Chr Hansen Viniflora CiNe Product Information
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