IFF Liquid Enzymes

IFF Liquid Enzymes

PEKTOZYME™ liquid pectinases are available in 20 Kilogram pails

PEKTOZYME Clear is a concentrated pectinase for depectinization and clarification of red, white, rosé, or fruit wines.

  • BioSelect-Red-White-Rose
  • Achieve complete depectinization and fast clarification
  • Excellent for flotation applications
  • Increase press efficiency and clarification of grape must
  • Optimize large scale winemaking with liquid enzyme
  • Also available as PEKTOZYME Clear KPO for use in Kosher for Passover products

PEKTOZYME Mash is a robust pectinase preparation designed for maceration of red, white, or rosé grapes in the production of wine and other fruits in the production of fruit wines.

  • BioSelect-Red-White-Rose
  • Optimize large scale winemaking with liquid enzyme
  • Increase extraction of anthocyanins, tannins, varietal flavor and aroma compounds
  • Use less pressure to extract more juice while preserving aroma and quality
  • Higher free run yields and better press efficiencies