BioSelect Granular Enzymes

BioSelect granular enzymes

BioSelect ™ granular pectolytic enzymes are available in 250 gram packs

BioSelect Clear is a robust blend of pectinases for rapid depectinization and clarification of red, white, rosé, or fruit wines.

  • BioSelect-Red-White-Rose
  • Settle solids quickly for more compact lees and cleaner fermentations
  • Reduce volume of gross lees and improve filtration

BioSelect Blanc is a concentrated blend of pectinases with low cinnamoyl esterase for maceration of grapes in the production of quality white or rosé wines and other fruits in the production of fruit wines.

  • BioSelect-White-Rose
  • Increase varietal intensity through the selective release of flavor and aroma compounds from grape skin
  • Ensure more fruity musts while reducing skin contact time
  • Higher free run yields and more efficient pressing at lower pressures
  • Purified to control cinnamoyl esterase activity and preserve delicate aromas

BioSelect Noir is a concentrated blend of pectinases for maceration of grapes in the production of premium red wines.

  • BioSelect-Red
  • Liberate polysaccharides, tannins and anthocyanins early in the maceration period
  • Increase color extraction and improve color stability
  • Produce wine with more structure and mouthfeel
  • Enhance soft tannin extraction without increasing astringency
  • Recommended for long maceration wines

BioSelect Aroma Plus is a rich blend of pectinases with beta-glucosidase activity for aroma release in white and rosé wines.

  • BioSelect-White-Rose
  • Frees bound terpenes to enhance varietal aroma compounds.
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