Bucher Vaslin Flavy Cross Flow

Bucher Vaslin Flavy Cross Flow Filter

Bucher Vaslin has become the leader in cross flow filtration, with innovations that allow winemakers to process juice, wine, and lees without the need for diatomaceous earth. The critical component to the Bucher Cross Flow Filter is the microporous membrane made specifically for wine filtration. Winemakers can choose from a number of sizing options to accommodate any sized winery. The Flavy FX2 starts at 200 gph, and the Flavy FX300 can filter up to 9,000 gph. All of the Bucher Cross Flow Filters are fully automated, making the operation simple and very user friendly.

Key Features  

  • Bucher crossflow units are fully automated and turn-key; including onboard turbidimeter, feed pump, dosing pumps and more
  • Operates at a low pressure to maintain maximum wine quality
  • Optional juice lees adaptation