Viniflora® Octave

Viniflora Octave is a pure strain of Lachancea thermotolerans (formerly Kluyveromyces thermotolerans) selected for its capacity to increase the acidity in white and rosé wines and adding to the flavor complexity with stone fruits notes. As a consequence of the production of lactic acid from sugar, the final alcohol content in these wines can be reduced. Octave can be used at several stages of the process as a pre-fermentation product (on harvested grapes, on crushed grapes, in the must).

Specifically recommended for white and rosé grape varieties from warm/hot climate regions. The product is delivered as Dry Active Yeast.

This specialty wine yeast product is not intended to complete alcoholic fermentation but to improve wine complexity.

Key Features

  • Enhance fruit flavors (Esters)
  • Very low volatile phenols
  • Very low H2S
  • Ideal for white/rose wines from warm climates
  • Lactic acid production from sugars
  • Low acetic acid production
  • Medium production of polysaccharides
  • Low production of  SO2
  • Inhibits MLF
  • Late hydrolysis

Pack Size: 500 g, 660 US gallons, 20g/hl 



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