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Wine Video Seminar: Latest Innovations & Trends for Crush

Session 2:The utilization of non-Saccharomyces Yeast
Presented by Dr. Hentie Swiegers from Chr. Hansen’s Wine Innovation department.  Dr. Swiegers, former Senior Research Scientist at The Australian Wine Research Institute, will discuss the latest applications of non-Saccharomyces to produce unique and stylistic wines that are redefining winemaking.

Session 3: Optimizing must clarification with flotation and proper enzyme utilization
The ins and outs of must clarification and flotation techniques, and the proper use of enzymes to achieve the desired outcome.

Session 4: The use of FTIR analysis for grape sampling, juice and fermentation applications
Learn the latest FOSS FTIR analytical platforms and calibrations as applied specifically to harvest.  Monitor the essential parameters for grape harvesting, juice analysis, primary and secondary fermentations, stuck fermentations and more.

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