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Maceration and Extraction Enzymes


Maceration and extraction enzymes are used to help release juice from grapes and desired contents such as flavor, tannin, color and other key phenolic compounds from juice and skins. Free-run juice volume and press capacity can be increased significantly with the application of extraction enzymes while shortening maceration time and effort. For red grapes in particular, macerating enzymes help break down cell walls for a more gentle phenolic extraction, resulting in improved color stability, aroma and rounder mouthfeel.

Vinozym Vintage FCE (Premium Red Wines)

Vinozym FCE G (Premium White Wines)

Vinozym Ultra FCE (Premium White, Rosé & Red Wines)

Vinozym Process (Popular Premium White, Rosé & Red Wines)

VinoCrush Classic (Popular Premium White, Rosé & Red Wines)

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